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How can I access current drug information for nurses?

Last Updated: Jun 18, 2010  |  168 Views
Topics: nursing

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The very best resource at WCSU for accessing current drug information for nurses is a database called Nursing Reference CenterDetailed, authoritative and current drug information is provided in the database from the following sources: F.A. Davis’s Laboratory & Diagnostic Tests with Nursing Implications, F.A. Davis’s Drug Guide for Nurses and Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary.

Click on the "Drug Information" tab to browse and search.  Each record contains such content as:

  • Pharmacologic Profile
  • Indications
  • Action
  • Pharmacokinetics
  • Time-Action Profile
  • Contraindications and Precautions
  • Adverse Reactions and Side Effects
  • Interactions
  • Route and Dosage
  • Availability
  • Nursing Implications
  • Assessment
  • Potential Nursing Diagnoses
  • Implementation
  • Patient/Family Teaching
  • Evaluation/Desired Outcomes

General database profile:

Nursing Reference Center (NRC) provides a user-friendly point-of-care resource intended for staff nurses, nurse administrators, nursing students, nurse faculty, and hospital librarians. It delivers the best available and most recent clinical evidence and knowledge on conditions and diseases via a nursing-specific graphical interface.

NRC is accessible from a patient’s bedside, nursing station, kiosk, office, or home. Clinical care data included in NRC consists of:


  • CINAHL Nursing Guide – Over 3,500 evidence-based lessons on procedures, diseases and conditions, legal cases and drugs. This includes:
    • 2,700+ Care Sheets and Lessons
    • 700+ Legal Cases
    • 300+ Research Instruments
    • 500+ Continuing Education Full Text Documents

  • Patient Education – Over 4,000 Health Library documents available in both English and Spanish.

  • Health Nursing News – HealthDay News with daily FDA, clinical, and drug updates.

Patient care planning and access to detailed drug information is simplified via embedded HTML copies of F.A. Davis’s Laboratory & Diagnostic Tests with Nursing Implications, F.A. Davis’s Drug Guide for Nurses and Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary.

Using NRC, nurses are also able to obtain Continuing Education Unit (CEU) credits on the job via access to over 500 CEU modules. Additional modules are added on a regular basis.

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