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Why doesn't the Search work in the My Documents folder?

There is an issue that has been ongoing with my PC. The search feature in Windows Explorer does not work in the PC's My Documents folder system. No matter what I search for it finds nothing. When I search for a certain file that I can see in the folder, I am told there are no items. Which is obviously wrong as I was searching for something I know is there. But if I do the same process searching on my flash drive it works fine.

[asked by Tom]
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For some reason in Windows 7, you might not be able to search directly in a folder by going to Start->Documents, for example.  However, this SHOULD work if you navigate through the file system this way: in the Computer folder, follow this path:

Local Disk (C:) -> Users -> [your username] -> My Documents

Now if you perform a search in the same folde, you should see the results come up as expected!  You should also see a yellow bar pop up across the top of the folder's window telling you to index the folder for better efficiency.  Right-click on that bar and select "Add to index".  This will make your folder searchable even if you navigate Start -> Documents (you should NOT have to go through the maze of folders every time you want to search your documents).


1. Open File Explorer
2. Right-click the directory that you want to index (e.g. C:\Users\Myself) and select Properties.
3. Select Advanced...
4. Uncheck "Allow files in this folder to have contexts indexed..."
5. Click OK, then click "Apply"
Watch the system run indexing to apply the changes. When indexing completes, do the same thing as above except to turn back on the "Allow files..." at step 4.

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